Cassper Is Starting To Recurperate After R7m Debt From Moses Mabhida Show Now

Cassper had fans praising him for the success of his popular show, Fill Up Moses Mabhida.

According to the rapper in a recent interview, things were tough behind the scenes, as sponsors pulled out at the last minute, allegedly leaving the star with R7m worth of debt to pay off.

In an interview with SABC News just days after Fill Up Moses Mabhida, Cassper spoke about some of the challenges artists face when it comes to being financially supported by “institutes like the government.”

He added: “For instance, we just came from Mabhida and right now we’re sitting with R7m debt after engaging with all the different departments that were supposed to help us.”

Giving an update on his financial situation on Wednesday, Cassper answered a fan’s question on how much longer it will take to get his Family Tree recording studio up and running.

“The Family Tree Office/Studios are on hold for now. Went through a ditch after Mabhida. Had to pay 7 million rand in debt, then the tax thing happened as well. I’m only starting to recover now. Should be back in progress in a couple of months and then we rock,” the muso replied.


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