Carol Bouwer And Husband Celebrate 18 Years Of Marriage (Pictures)

Television character and media powerhouse Carol Bouwer imparted a sincere message to her better half Edward on their 18 year wedding commemoration.

The couple marry on the lovely island of Nassau in the Bahamas.pIU

She wrote: “It was only when I understood that I was complete that I could be part of a meaningful union… it was only when I knew that I was enough that I could make room to love!”

“May the next 18 years be filled with more love, warmth, wisdom, laughter, pathos, unity, generosity, philanthropy, curiosity and the kind of drive we celebrate today as we mark 18 years of marriage,” she added.

The former Generations actress also wished everyone celebrating their wedding anniversary on the same day, including her brother.

Congratulations Carol and Edward!


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