Car Crashes And Gunshots at Slain KZN Hijacker’s Funeral

Woodlands and Montclair was the chaotic scene of an alleged slain hijacker’s funeral ‘after-party’ on Sunday.

A video doing the rounds on social media shows a man recording cars crashing and the sound of several gunshots ringing out.

The man can be heard saying the suburb’s name and in response to the sound of the smashing cars behind him, “Ya Montclair, it’s going down. Smack! Smack!”

It is believed the incident was linked to a hijacking which took place on the Bluff last Monday, in which three armed men robbed a company vehicle. A shootout transpired when a security officer responded and confronted the men. One hijacker died and another two men were later arrested by the police.

Montclair SAPS confirmed the funeral incident and said the Public Order Policing (POP) was called out to Verity Avenue in Woodlands on Sunday, along with other roleplayers, in response to the illegal shooting.

It could not be confirmed if any arrests were made in connection with the funeral after party.


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