Captured SA Photojournalist, Shiraaz Mahomed Is Alive – Gift Of The Givers

South African photojournalist Shiraaz Mahomed, who was captured a year ago in Syria on his way back to the Turkish border, has been confirmed alive, aid group Gift of the Givers said on Tuesday.

Gift of the Givers founder Imtiaz Sooliman said he had received credible information on the status of Mahomed, who was taken while recording and broadcasting the hardship of the Syrian people to whom he delivered food and blankets in refugee camps.

Sooliman said the confirmation was the culmination of numerous messages from unidentified sources that Gift of the Givers had been receiving since September, suggesting the photojournalist was alive.

“We couldn’t give Shiraaz’s family false hope as the information could not be verified no matter how credible the source,” Sooliman said.

The breakthrough came after a list of ten questions that Gift of the Givers had prepared in consultation with Mahomed’s family all came back correctly answered by the captive.

“Last night was the turning point … Finally, we have proof of life,” Sooliman said.

“Now comes the daunting challenge – why was Shiraaz captured and what do they want? We await that ‘voice’.”


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