Cape Town ‘Slap Video’ Teacher to Return to Work

The Sans Souci teacher who slapped a pupil at the school will be allowed to return.

Western Cape education spokesperson Jessica Shelver said on Friday that the Sans Souci High School governing body had decided to give Clarissa Venter a fine and a final warning. Venter also had to attend an anger management session.

Venter will return to work on April 2.

The 34-year-old was recorded on video having a verbal altercation with the pupil on February 5.

Shelver said the mother of the grade 9 pupil from Gugulethu had removed her child from the school before her disciplinary hearing could start.

Venter was still expected to appear in court in April on an assault charge brought by the pupil’s mother. She has also brought assault charges against the pupil.


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