Cape Town Science Centre Set To Trigger Young Minds

The Cape Town Science Centre is set to activate young minds with its winter holiday science-based programme.

The programme is placed under the theme: “Let’s Have A Ball”, the education-entertainment event which starts on 22 June, 2018 will include a first Explorers Zone.

Here, kids from as young as two years old will be entertained as well as have their motor skills, hand-eye coordination and teamwork abilities stimulated.

Older children will also be able to join in on the educational fun through a variety of other programmes.

Camera Obscura tours will allow participants a 360-degree view of the surrounding area while remaining stationary in one position.

The centre’s Educational Manager MJ Schwartz says: “Everything that rolls, bounces, spins and even slides… so, it’s looking at a bit of sport and just general physical activity and the science behind them.”



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