Cape Town Ranked Most Violent City In SA!

aerial view of cape town

The Economist gathered the data produced by Igarapé Institute‚ an organisation which monitors crime among other things. Cape Town was named as the 14th most violent city in the world.

The three most violent cities in the world are San Salvado‚ Acapulco and San Pedro Sula. Nelson Mandela Bay and Buffalo City were the only two other African cities on the list.

Nyanga in Cape Town‚ often referred to as the murder capital of the country‚ has a reported 61 murders per 100‚000 people. Nelson Mandela Bay follows with a rate of 53 murders per 100‚000 people and Buffalo City with a rate of 45 murders per 100‚000 people.

The Economist attributes Cape Town’s high murder rate to the high level of gang activity‚ while the violence in the Eastern Cape is linked to overpopulation and poverty.

South Africa’s high murder rate in these cities puts the country in the top 10 most violent nations in the world.


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