Cape Town Officer ‘Accidentally’ Kills His Colleague

Cape Town officer kills his colleague 'by accident'

The Independent Police Investigative Directorate (IPID) is examining a deadly shooting in which a cop killed his colleague.

A preliminaey report said a cop connected to Kraaifontein police headquarters had released his gun while sitting inside a vehicle‚ hitting his colleague in the chest‚ said IPID representative Moses Dlamini.

Dlamini said according to the preliminary report the incident happened while the officer was cleaning his firearm.

“While he was cleaning it‚ it went off accidentally and shot his colleague in the chest. We are investigating the matter‚” said Dlamini.

He said IPID was still trying to establish facts around the case as the incident had only happened on Wednesday night.

Asked whether it was normal for a police officer to clean a firearm inside a vehicle‚ Dlamini said this would form part of their investigation.

He said for now they only have a preliminary report.

Asked if the officer would have to take leave while the investigation is under way‚ Dlamini said SAPS management would have to make that decision.

“The police would make a call as to whether they should suspend because they would have received the report also‚” he said.

But he said in some instances they recommend whether a member should be suspended pending the investigation. However‚ he said it would be premature for them to even recommend action.

“All we have is that it was accidental‚ until we establish it wasn’t. And whether it was proper to clean a firearm in the vehicle …it could be a story but we don’t know that‚” he added.


Written by How South Africa

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