Cape Town Metro Police Capture Two For Attempting Highway Robbery

Kroonstad municipal manager in trouble

Cape Town Metro Police have apprehended two people believed to be a member of a gang that attempted to rob two motorists who were involved in a collision caused by stone throwing over the weekend.

The incident happened on the R300, between the N2 and Hindle Road.

Two officers were dispatched to the scene and found a group of about 10 people robbing the motorists. Two suspects, aged between 18 and 38, were arrested. Metro police recovered a cellphone belonging to one of the motorists.

The other suspects fled, according to mayoral committee member for safety and security JP Smith.

Smith said that one of the motorists had indicated that he had swerved to avoid stones being thrown, and had then collided with another vehicle. The second driver was transported to hospital for treatment.

“This callous attack is symptomatic of an ongoing challenge on our roads. Fortunately, our officers were able to respond quickly and come to the aid of the motorists involved.

“I hope that the suspects in this case are prosecuted to the full extent of the law, so that we can send a strong message that this type of criminality will not be tolerated,” said Smith.


The two suspects will face charges of malicious damage to property, robbery and possession of stolen property.

Earlier this month, our correpondent reported that two metro officers had been shot by a gunman who had also opened fire on the driver of a vehicle that had broken down on the N2 near Borcherds Quarry.

The N2 is one of the city’s most dangerous roads. Numerous warnings have been issued by the City of Cape Town, urging motorists not to stop there unless in an emergency or a breakdown situation.

Smith called on the media and the public to continue to put pressure on national authorities to ensure safety on the N2. He said proper fencing was needed along the N2 and R300.

“Enforcement alone will not deal with the problem. Engineering solutions are desperately required to prevent people from accessing the road reserve,” he added.


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