Cape Town Comes In At Number Seven On ‘The World’s 50 Most Beautiful Cities’ List

Flight Network recently released its ‘Worlds 50 Most Beautiful Cities’ list chosen by the world’s top travel professionals …and Cape Town made the list!

Yes, Cape Town came in at number seven.

This comes after the extensive collaboration produced the most thoughtful and definitive list of the World’s Best Cities – a guide that the company hope will inspire travelers not only in 2019 but for years to come.

Flight Network ultimately hopes this list inspires travelers all over the world:

“Grab your passport, because we’re taking you from fairytale-like pink city of Jaipur to the Game of Thrones backdrop of Dubrovnik and over to the modern metropolis of Dubai. This unparalleled guide will both challenge you to take a fresh look at famous megacities like New York and dream of new destinations like chilly and charming Bergen, Norway.”

Cape Town: One of the World’s Most Beautiful Cities

Cape Town came in at number seven mainly because its any nature lover’s dream due to its ‘mountains, many miles of coastline’, and plenty of biking, hiking, and exploring!

“One of the best places for an amazing view (and there are many), Table Mountain is hard to beat. Around the mountain itself is the Table Mountain National Park, which is one of the richest floral regions in the world! Other visually stunning locations include the Cape of Good Hope, Boulders Beach, and Lion’s Head mountain”.

And Who’s There

The network said that Cape Town is a blend of distinct cultures and people groups, making it one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

The Top 10

This year, Paris, France took the number one spot as it boasts ‘the sparking Eiffel Tower and incredibly famous works of art in the Le Louvre museum such as the Mona Lisa’.

New York and London follow due to the ‘vibes’ each city has to offer while Venice, Italy, Vancouver, Canada and Barcelona, Spain follows in fourth, fifth and sixth place.

San Francisco, America and Sydney, Australia ultimately make up the top ten.


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