What Can We Do To Unite South Africa

The latest in the “Ask South Africa all the Questions Series” asks what can we do to unite South Africa? And the answers are so beautiful! Just inspirational… man we live in a beautiful country.

A Facebook page has sparked an amazing conversation between South Africans about race with a few simple questions… ask anything you want too, but don’t be surprised with the funny and inspirational answers!

Ever wondered why white South Africans walk barefoot in public‚ only clap when singing in church‚ love haunted houses and go bananas when they hear the song Sweet Caroline?

The answer to these and a rapidly growing thread of hilarious questions that have united people of all races across the country can be found on a Facebook post by Joburger.

Louwrence van Niekerk, a 23 year old South African living in London saw too many depressing, racist posts on social media so decided he was going to try bring the country together with a few simple questions.

His “burning questions” started a viral trend which lasted for most of last week, starting an important conversation amongst hundreds and thousands of South Africans.

The posts garnished a massive following with many South Africans leaving hilarious questions, but most left just feeling inspired by the unity.

“I love how something as simple as a Facebook page and some silly questions can bring all South Africans together. You guys are awesome.”

The latest in the “Ask South Africa all the Questions Series” asks what can we do to unite South Africa? And the answers are so beautiful!

Ayanda Mtshemla Ndwe commented: “Move on from the past as that involved our forefathers, the current generation has nothing to do with that, yes what happened then was heartbreaking but we all have tried to come to terms with it but should we honestly hold those who weren’t involved all cause their ancestors were??? Its like punishing a child for his/her parents actions. Let’s all learn to love and accept each other and work together into making a better and brighter future for the future generation. Let’s all fight together against anything negative destroying and looks to have intentions of destroying our beautiful country.”

Gökay Günay Sèbastien Mareka added: “Tolerance is key, we must learn to understand each other, one must not hate or belittle the next person based on his or her Heritage.”

Liza D. Xayimpi stated: “We need to stop thinking we’re better. A Manager must not undermine a receptionist…a cashier must not undermine a cleaner, a nanny must not undermine a stay-at-home mom or a domestic worker. A guy with a house must not undermine the homeless etc. We need to stop thinking we are better.”

Karen Warneke added: “Only share positive news. Delete negativity or race. Lead by example. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Give a smile. Get out of your comfort zone and start a conversation with a stranger in the queue at the supermarket. Be kind.”

Russell Overend said: “I for one have acknowledged my privelaged position as a white male…..Im learning to be more empathetic, understanding and kind to my fellow citizens…..I would love to learn an indigeneous language….This page has changed the way i look and treat others. I really love SA and all her people.”

Slindile Mamello Ngidi posted: “Let’s continue this understanding, kindness and love beyond Facebook and kick politicians and media’s asses and show them they can’t divide us anymore”

Bulie Mhlambiso commented: “It starts with me…if you we all have that mentality South Africa will be a better place. Stop retweeting and posting negative and racist comments on social media. Love the next person as we love ourselves…”

Terri Venables Diplock said: “Respect each other, be humble and help where you can!  We, all South Africans, are strong, beautiful people….we CAN do this xx oh, and we really need to get rid of Zuma!!!”

Crystal Kaige Abrahams added: “Hug each other like we are family, and have one moerse big braai.”

Moeketsi Keke Nhlapo posted: “We must make peace with apartheid because whether we like it or not we can’t undo the past. The best we can do is learn from it. Then we appoint YOU as president. You did more in the past days than any government could in decades”

Linda van den Heever commented: “Forget the past. Get rid of the AWB flags. Don’t let media get to our heads. It looks like news channels want to create divisions between South Africans”

Chanté Love Muranda said: “Acknowledge your privilege, to whatever degree that privilege may be, and then use it to help others rise. Let’s all grow together.”


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