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You Can Now Block Mark Zuckerberg On Facebook


Facebook users can finally stop one of the site’s biggest profiles from clogging up their timeline, after the social network fixed a bug that made it impossible to block its boss Mark Zuckerberg.

Facebook users have had the ability to block any account for some time, but in September it emerged that the Facebook founder’s account was immune from users seeking to ignore his public relations updates and awkward live video broadcasts.

Users trying to block Zuckerberg were met with the message: “This profile can’t be blocked for now”. The issue was not intentional, according to Facebook, but a side effect of a system that prevented users being blocked en masse, such as following a malicious viral campaign.

Facebook has now fixed the block on Zuckerberg after the issue was brought to light in September. Now, when users block Zuckerberg they are met with the message: “You’ve blocked Mark Zuckerberg. We’re sorry that you’ve had this experience.”

When users block an account on Facebook posts from that profile no longer appear on their timeline and they cannot see, message or interact with each other. Users are not notified if their profile is blocked.

Zuckerberg’s profile has become increasingly active and shared, with almost 100 million followers and thousands commenting on and sharing his posts, which range from philanthropy to family updates.

Posts have included urging his children to spend more time outside, even as millions of children spend more and more time engrossed in social media.

Another included a video virtual reality visit to Puerto Rico, where Zuckerberg was criticised for his tasteless reaction to the devastation caused by hurricane Maria while promoting the company’s new VR headset.

Zuckerberg’s profile has also become a conduit for Facebook public relations, sharing details on the his reaction to elections interference and US immigration changes under President Donald Trump.


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