You Can Control Your Sugar Levels In Blood.. See How !!

Sugar level
The sugar level in the blood goes up with every meal. It is especially real for those people who have got resistance to insulin or diabetes type 2.

It is no easy at all to learn how to daily control the level of the blood sugar. Namely, a month may pass after it has been diagnosed to a patient what he / she should eat or what he / she should not eat.

During this time, some people who have got diabetes type 2 may additionally increase their level of blood sugar, which may have negative results on the overall health.

In case you have got high level of blood sugar for a long period, the risk of kidney disease, nerve problems, problems with the vision as well as heart stroke and disease is much higher.

In which way can people regulate the level of blood sugar?

For most of the people the normal level of blood sugar is as given: from 4.0 to 6.0 mmol / L, or from 72 to 108 mg / dL while fasting. Two hours after eating up to 7.8 mmol / L or 140 mg / dL. People who have resistance at insulin, their levels of blood sugar remain high hours after eating.

However, there are numerous types of food that people can consume in order to regulate their level of blood sugar.

As we are going to show you, using expensive drugs for diabetes for a long period can lead to negative effects on the overall health.

Here is given an amazing remedy that consists of natural ingredients that help to regulate the levels of blood sugar not go up quickly. In order to prepare it you need apple cedar vinegar, boiled egg and water.

* Instructions:

In the afternoon, boil and egg and then peel it. With a toothpick, cut the air 2 – 3 times. Then put it in a mason jar and put water so that the egg is completely covered. After you close the jar, put it in the fridge and let it there overnight. In the morning, drink a glass of hot water and then eat the egg. You can repeat this every day until you see improvements in the levels of blood sugar.

* Why does it work?

Several boiled eggs mean a high protein snack or meal in case you have got diabetes. The protein is giving the feeling of being full, so it will not have any effects on the blood sugar levels. Protein does not just slow digestion, but it shows absorption of glucose that is beneficial for diabetes.

Apple cedar vinegar makes people more sensible to insulin and lowers the high levels of blood sugar, especially after consuming starchy food. According to the results of a recent study it is beneficial for people, who have diabetes type 2, and take it before a high glucose meal.

Our health is only in our own hands. Apple cedar vinegar and a boiled egg are significantly cheaper when compared to certain drugs for diabetes. To add, they are more useful if you use them at longer periods.

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