Businesswoman Accuses Beyoncé Of Lying About Blackmail


Wedding planner Veronica Morales, owner of events firm Blue Ivy Company, has been locked in a legal battle with the Crazy in Love hitmaker for the past year after the singer applied for the rights to “Blue Ivy Carter”, the name of her six-year-old daughter with JAY-Z.

Challenging Beyoncé‘s trademark bid for her daughter’s name Blue Ivy Carter has accused the superstar of lying.

Lawyers for the two parties have been attempting to handle the dispute out of court, but Beyoncé‘s representatives recently claimed Morales is only trying to exploit the situation for her own financial benefit.

Beyoncé and her lawyers accused the businesswoman of attempting to sell the singer her events firm for $10 million (R118 million) in exchange for Morales dropping her opposition to the trademark request.

However, Morales has now alleged the singer is a liar, and said she never once offered her business up for sale
In a new filing obtained by The Blast on Friday, 9 March, Morales takes exception to the accusation that she tried to blackmail Beyoncé, and said she was a mother-of-two “working to support her family with a celebrated event planning business, facing a growing onslaught of falsehoods and public humiliation by the attorneys and organisations of one of the wealthiest and most powerful women in the world, Beyoncé Knowles-Carter.”
Morales is adamant there was never a $10 million-dollar deal on the table, and said the false statement has depicted her as an irrational blackmailer, when in fact, she is a woman operating a business, defending her rights and working hard every day to support her family.

She said for Beyoncé to now accuse her of opposing the singer’s trademark in bad faith is an attempt to “deflect to Morales the very abhorrent methods that Ms. Carter herself and her attorneys have pursued in this case from the onset”.

The case is ongoing.


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