Businesses In Benoni Are To Be Charged For Litter Picking

A local business located in Benoni enquired about a new charge on their council account after they were charged R132.97 for litter picking.

Margaret Lumley, an employee of the business, she and her colleagues pick up the litter around their business on a daily basis and see no reason for paying for a service that the council does not provide, she stated

When the business asked the council if this charge was legitimate, the council’s response was yes.

According to Ekurhuleni metro spokesperson Themba Gadebe, the litter-picking levy is applicable according to Ekurhuleni’s promulgated Solid Waste Tariffs.

“The tariffs cost R0.1146 per m² for all business and industry zoned even, where a scheduled litter picking service is provided at least once per week with a maximum of R2 301.91 per month,” said Gadebe.

He said the purpose of the charge was to cater for the scheduled litter-picking services rendered in the CBDs and industrial areas where applicable.

“The levy is according to the square meters of the registered property where a service is rendered at least once a week to a maximum of R2 301.91 per month,” he said.

When asked if businesses can dispute the amount, Gadebe said a dispute can be lodged at the relevant waste depot.

“It will then be investigated and depending on the results of the investigation, the relevant finance office will be informed accordingly.”

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