Bus Strike Continues As Unions Await Response To Counter-Offer

Unions representing striking bus drivers are awaiting a response from employers on whether they’ll be accepting their wage demands.

On Tuesday, the labour caucus came up with a counter-offer to end the four-week-long bus strike.

The unions are asking for a 9% increase in the first year and 8% in the second year as opposed to the 8.75% increase for the first year and 8.25% for the second year, which employers have put forward.

South African Transport and Allied Workers Union (Satawu)’s Zanele Sabela: “We came up with a counter offer of 9% in the first year and 8% in the second year. We’ve already sent it to the bargaining council and they will send it to the employers to see if they agree. The strike will not be over until an agreement has been signed.”

Up until then, the bus strike continues.


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