Bryanston High School Coach Guilty of Abuse, Sacked Immediately

PARENTS are paying millions to top up the salaries of principals and teachers at government schools. The governing body of Bryanston High School in Johannesburg, for example, has set aside R1.4-million for next year to top up the salaries of its principal and 60 teachers. Pic: Elizabeth Sejake. 03/11/2006. © Sunday Times.

A sports coach who stands accused of s*xually harassing three learners at Bryanston High School in Johannesburg has been fired.

The school governing body (SGB) said in a statement on Friday that a disciplinary panel of three presiding officers had found the coach guilty on all counts covering s*xual harassment and financial mismanagement.

“As a result, the staff member has been dismissed with immediate effect,” SGB chairperson Aidan Hillebrand said.

“The Bryanston High School SGB would like to commend the impacted learners for having the courage and determination to come forward and testify.

“A big thank you to our legal team and the panel for their commitment in ensuring this matter was dealt with a quickly as possible,” Hillebrand said.

The SGB urged all school governing bodies to deal with these types of issues expeditiously and with the learners’ best interests in mind. “The protection of learners should always take priority over the reputation of any institution.”

The SGB requested that the media and public continue to respect the anonymity of the affected learners.

The 33-year-old Bryanston High School employee was arrested in January and appeared in the Alexandra Regional Court, Sandton police confirmed.

The alleged incidents of s*xual assault were said to have taken place throughout 2017 and 2018, during netball matches and on school outings. A parent of one of the complainants confirmed it.

The man will appear in court again on March 12.


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