Brickz: I’m On A Mission To Living A Better Life

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Convicted kwaito artist Sipho ‘Brickz’ Ndlovu took to the stand at the Roodepoort Magistrates Court on Tuesday afternoon to persuade the magistrate that he should be granted bail amid the interest of his conviction.

Brickz was found guilty of assaulting a relative and was sentenced to 15 years in prison by Magistrate John Baloyi last year.

Last week his leave to appeal the conviction was granted by the South Gauteng High Court and on Tuesday his legal team brought a bail application pending the appeal.

Brickz told the court that he understood there was a concern that he would abscond and could become a fugitive in another country.

The former kwaito star tried to convince the court that he had no intention of running away from serving prison time or the court process.

“I have made an oath to myself that I will bring myself to this court to make sure that this matter comes to an end, so that it also brings me closure. I don’t see how it will be so easy for me to just decide to abscond when I’m getting much closer to the truth.”

Brickz said he did not believe he could live like a fugitive “looking over” his shoulder.

“I do not plan to be a fugitive because I work as a performing artist. I don’t see myself living outside of South Africa and looking over my shoulder. I’m willing to give myself to this matter and make sure this matter comes to an end.”

In his motivation, Brickz also revealed that he was taking courses in prison to better himself.

“I’ve taken each and every course that has come way in prison in a mission to better myself.”

Brickz said that he was not afraid of serving time in prison and that being behind bars has given him time to think.

“I’ve given myself time to sit and think about this matter, being in prison is not a good thing. But if I have to go back to prison, I will give myself time, work on my craft, work on myself and make myself a better person.”

The bail decision will be heard on April 6.

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