Brickz Denied Leave To Appeal Conviction And Sentence

Magistrate John Baloyi has on Tuesday afternoon rejected musician Sipho Ndlovu‚ popularly known as Brickz‚ leave to appeal his rape conviction and 15-year jail sentence.

Baloyi told the court that the 15-year sentence was not stunning and trusted that if the issue was taken to the high court the result would be the same.

Brickz’s legal team said they would now file a petition with the high court.

“If the high court then finds this magistrate was wrong to not grant the leave to appeal‚ they reverse his decision and the appeal can go ahead‚” said Brickz’ attorney Piet du Plessis.

Brickz maintained his composure during court proceedings and told journalists during a break that he is innocent.

Baloyi earlier sentenced Brickz to 15-years in prison for the rape of a 17-year-old relative in 2013.

During his judgement‚ Baloyi told the court that rape was the most horrific experience that can be inflicted on a person‚ and that Brickz did not prove to the court that he was suitable of rehabilitation.

Baloyi said that Brickz failed to confidently prove to the court that he was remorseful. The magistrate read details from the victim’s testimony‚ which included that she was a virgin at the time of the incident and had contracted an STD as a result.

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