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Bonang Matheba Auditions For Idols SA (VIDEO)

Idols SA seems to be closer than ever  on our screens but we have the inside scoop on one of the biggest auditions so far.

Bonang Matheba sang for the judges and if the reaction is anything to go by, she might just take the crown!

We all know that Bonang can do everything, from selling MCC and lingerie, to starring in films and hosting massive events.

We’ve seen evidence in recent weeks that she can sing too, and we got another reminder of this last week when Queen B surprised the Idols judges by turning up for an audition.

Unathi, Randall and Somizi have been scouring the country for the best vocal talent for this year’s show and when they touched down in Sandton, Johannesburg, they were treated to an audition like no other.

Bonang stepped up to the podium and introduced herself to the trio before taking on one of the most ambitious audition songs a singer could choose – Beyoncé’s Irreplaceable.

It didn’t make it easier that this particular audition took place in front of a large crowd. But if anybody can handle the pressure, it’s ‘your girl B’!

Never mind the vocals, the whole country was here for the energy that Bonang brought to the stage with her audition.

Bonang herself said on Instagram after the video was uploaded: “Such a fun moment. Thank you for embracing me.”

Other celebrities including Manaka Ranaka and Penny Lebyane found the entire audition amusing, and perhaps it’s a sign of just how much the country loves Bonang that many were urging the judges to give her three yeses and a golden pass to Sun City.

It seems as if Bonang is becoming more and more comfortable with sharing her singing voice.

Earlier this year we came across a video clip of her showing off her voice and, we can’t lie, we were pretty impressed at the time too!


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