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Boity Thulo’s Mom Gets Slammed Over Controversial Tweet

Mother to celebrity Boity Thulo, Modiehi Thulo, found herself having to explain her position on anal sex after claiming on Monday that she has seen “many people dying from constant anal sex.”

Thulo was responding to a tweet from the popular “Sco pa tu manaa?” trend.

What does “Sco pa tu manaa?” mean?

The trend began when a post containing the phrase went viral leading to questions about what it meant.

Those who had seen the post over and over again tried to use Google translate in order to decipher its meaning but could not arrive at a comprehensive answer.

The phrase was initially thought to have been of Asian origin but this has since been disproven and it has gone on to be attributed to various languages

Thulo explained her position by adding her reasoning for making her statement.

Could be anal cancer or the fact that they cannot retain food or liquids. https://t.co/KAFDsICRho

— Modiehi Thulo ( Goitsemang) (@modiehi_thulo) July 22, 2019

There’s nothing wrong with anal sex, the problem is doing it constantly without breaks to give your anus time to heal or recuperate. https://t.co/WUR21gWyml

— Modiehi Thulo ( Goitsemang) (@modiehi_thulo) July 22, 2019


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