‘Black Love Is Beautiful And Should Be Celebrated,’ Says The Soil’s Ntsika

The Soil’s Ntsika thinks it’s about time that black love got the shoutout it deserves for the benefit of young black kids, and he has made it his personal mission to use his love life and music as an example and celebration of black love.

Ntsika said that the days of young black people needing to search far and wide for black couples that model real love are long gone. The Ding Dong singer believes all platforms should exalt black love.

“It’s not a good exercise to try to portray black love using the Western format. We shouldn’t be trying to mimic that. We need to celebrate black love in a context that our people will understand. We have a lot of black people who have loved each other in front of us, who have shared their journey and prove again and again that it is possible for black people to stay committed to being better people for each other consistently.

“We need the young people to see that it is possible, that black love is beautiful and worthy of celebration. So that they are inspired to aspire to that in their lives.”

Ntsika said he used to look up to Nkhensani and Zam Nkosi and how they loved each other. He is a father of two and has been married to the love of his life since 2015. 

The musician, who first stole the hearts of Mzansi as part of the popular a cappella group The Soil, released his first solo studio album I Write What I Dream  in 2019. He’s excited that he will get a chance to share the music with people who believe in love and have music such as his as a soundtrack of their lives.

“I am literally headlining the festival this year and it’s a big deal for me. Last year I was just supporting, but this year I have a whole body of work to share with the audience. I am very excited. I always go an extra mile when I share my music on a platform such as this because it is also my personal story. And I know it features greatly in the stories of other people.”


Written by How South Africa

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