Why Black Coffee Was Released From Spring Fiesta

Black Coffee
source: www.destinyconnect.com

Black Coffee has been released as a headline act at the upcoming Spring Fiesta music festival in order for the DJ to chase a ‘pivotal career opportunity’, the event’s organisers announced this week.

Fans were looking forward to seeing the globe-trotting DJ in action but were disappointed to learn that he has been removed from the event’s line-up.

The festival’s organisers released a joint statement with Black Coffee on Thursday announcing the decision, saying that they had chosen to release him from the line-up in order for him to chase an “unforeseen prestigious” career opportunity.

The festival said that after discussions with the DJ’s camp, “it was disclosed that an unforeseen prestigious and vitally pivotal career opportunity had been presented to Black Coffee. One which unfortunately made it impossible for Black Coffee to honour his performance commitment to Spring Fiesta on Saturday the 1st of October.”

Organisers admit that at first they though that the request was a bit selfish but later realised that Black Coffee now belongs to the whole world.

“Spring Fiesta fully supports and has encouraged Black Coffee to accept and embrace this unique opportunity which we believe will be seminal in further advancing and cementing his legacy on the global stage. To this end, we have made the decision to release Black Coffee from his scheduled performance at Spring Fiesta 2016,” Festival Director Ricardo da Costa said in the statement.

There has been no word yet on what the opportunity is but Black Coffee has thanked fans for understanding and has hinted at a return to the festival in 2017.

“I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to return to Spring Fiesta in 2017 to once again perform for all of my incredible South African fans,” he added.

But wipe your tears, Black Coffee fans, your hero will still be a part of the festival’s “Road To Spring Fiesta” campaign in the lead up to the main event.


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