Black Coffee Announces Upcoming Tour Dates

Dezemba may be on the horizon but DJ Black Coffee is not about to rest.

The popular DJ has just closed a summer residence in Ibiza, Spain, and has already revealed his next big project: a tour of Africa.

The star announced this week that he will be returning to SA from his international summer tour and residency at Hï Ibiza.

His return will kick off a new project called Africa Is Not A Junglea platform dedicated to showcasing talented African DJs and producers through curated shows.

Africa Is Not A Jungle will host the Black Coffee 2019/2020 tour, which will start on November 10 and run until April next year.

The tour will include shows at Altitude Beach Club, the Kyalami 9-Hour, Rage Festival, H20, Fact Durban Rocks and the Sun Met.

It will then head to other parts of the continent, with dates in Lesotho, Mozambique, Angola and Uganda.

The shows will also feature the likes of Da Capo, Culoe De Song, Kususa, Enoo Napa, Transmicsoul, Kid Fonque, Punk Mbedzi, Argento Dust, Themba, Julian Gomes and Lemon & Herb.


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