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Bizarre! Urotherapy: Wash Your Face With Urine and Look Younger


The bizarre trend is a hot topic right now, much like Donald Trump ‘s supposed tendency to grab things he ought not to, or killer clowns.

Yes, these ‘pee facials’ are more popular than you might think.

In a bid to give themselves clearer, healthier-looking skin, people dab small amounts of their own urine onto their faces with cotton wool or a piece of cloth.

The treatment is known as urotherapy and is usually done at home. So, indeed, it involves collecting your own urine.

Some swear by the method – they say it clears the complexion and tightens pores.

Pee facials are also used to treat psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Apparently urine in the morning is most potent, as it’s been in the body for the longest time.

But while urine facials are on the agenda, they’ve actually been around for a long time.

One Thrillist writer says that she discovered the formula after her mum asked a lab technician how her face, at 70-odd, looked so fresh and wrinkle-free.

“‘Sunscreen,’ and then in a whisper, ‘pee-pee’,” she wrote.

And longer still. Urotherapy is an ancient practice. Its origins are attributed to Indian culture. The Greeks, Egyptians, and Romans apparently used it, too.

It’s claimed that it’s the urea and uric acid in pee that exfoliates the skin. There’s nutrients still left in urine that’s usually lost in the loo.

As our video shows, brave vlogger Wild By Design gave it a whirl on her YouTube channel.

Before you go wiping your own pee all over your face, however, consider some experts (you don’t have to do this, Michael Gove).

Some dermatologists aren’t wholly convinced. Not everyone who’s tried it have seen the results they’d been hoping for.

They were left with a pee-covered face for no reason whatsoever.

Dr Sejal Shah, a specialist clinician from New York, said: “Urine is primarily water and there’s very little urea in it. It contains less than 5 per cent and actual skincare products with urea contain ten per cent or more.”

Dermatologist Dr Neal Schultz told Refinery 29 that other natural products such as tea, apple-cider vinegar, and tea-tree oil are better alternatives.



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