Big [email protected] Problems: 8 Quick Solutions For [email protected] Sweat

7 facts to know about your breast

Are you looking for remedies for br3ast sweat? You’re in luck, I have them! I understand how it feels to sweat under the br3asts and know how problematic it can be. This often happens when the temperature and humidity rise or when exercising, and can be embarrassing. Marks of sweat around your br3asts and the odour from it can cause a confidence drop and make you self-conscious.

Here are some ideas:

Properly sized bras: Make sure you are wearing the right bra, statistics show that the majority of women wear the wrong size. Either too loose or too tight can cause chafing which may result in rashes under your br3asts. Check out our article on figuring out your correct size, and always try before you buy.

Go loose: Tight clothing can reveal more than your curves, stick to no-cling and help prevent your clothing from sticking to sweat. When choosing clothes remember thin polyester does not show sweat. You can also choose evergreen cotton but avoid silk, satin, and fabric that is likely to absorb sweat and leave a circular mark when dry. If you prefer natural fibers a light cotton weave is a good choice, it breathes.

Bra liners: This is one of the best tricks to prevent sweaty br3asts rash. Choose a good liner with a minimum of 3 layers, first to absorb sweat, second to hold it, and the third to protect your clothing.

Stuff it: Try tucking a tissue or paper towel into your bra. The tissue will absorb sweat and keep your clothes and body dry. Don’t forget to change it or remove it!

Camouflage it: Another way to keep br3ast sweat invisible is to wear black, it will reduce visibility of moisture. If you perspire a lot avoid white or light gray. If you choose black and are exercising outside, remember it will attract and hold more heat.

Baby powder (cornstarch): This trick is good for only short periods. Using powder for long periods will result in messy clumps under your breasts which is irritating to the sensitive skin there. Talcum powder can be irritating, avoid it.

Alcohol, baking soda: Keep your skin as dry as possible to prevent fungal infections, for that you can swipe under your br3ast with Isopropyl Alcohol and apply some non-talcum powder under your br3asts. Remove damp clothes as soon as possible. You can also dust some baking soda under breasts when the skin is dry. Besides being antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, baking soda prevents irritation and dries moisture.

Stay clean: Another fix for this problem is to stay clean and dry. Dry your body completely after you shower and wear a clean bra made from breathable fabric. Change your bra daily.



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