Beauty Tips: 5 Easy Steps Of Having A Nice Manicure…..All Done By Yourself!

There are days when you are just too tired to go to a nail salon and still you want some nice manicure. Don’t worry, it happens to most ladies. Or maybe you simply want to save some cash. Here are steps you should follow for your home manicure:

STEP 1: Wipe off old nail polish: For best results, clean off completely old nail polish, reapplying on old polish isn’t the best.

STEP 2: Wash your hands: after old nail polish has been wiped off, wash your hands with mild soap to rid of dirt and grease.

STEP 3: Apply base coat: After a while when your hands must have dried, apply a translucent base coat, it’s the foundation to your nail polish building. NEVER skip the base coat. The base coat helps prevent nail discoloration and also helps the nail polish set and shine.

STEP 4: Apply nail polish colour of choice: pick the colour, or colours you wish to apply and then paint on the second coat, but only lightly. Wait for it to dry a bit before brushing on the next coat to embolden the colour.

STEP 5: Finishing coat: At this stage, three coats must have been applied and set to dry a bit, after which it’s time for the final coat; another topping of translucent nail polish/matte finish . This is like the roofing; it protects all other coats, prevents your nail polish from chipping off faster and adds that glossy finish.


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