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Beauty Lessons Every South African Woman Should Learn From Local Celebrities!!

“I’ve always looked at women with darker skins and thought how lucky they are. I was so teased about being pale that I thought something was wrong with me,” confesses musician Louise Carver.

Since hearing Candice Abrahams, Mrs World 2016, reveal that she was bullied about her acne, Carver now knows she’s not alone: everyone gets teased about something.

This just one of things local celebrities learnt when they came together for Bobbi Brown’s  ‘Be Who You Are’  dinner, an initiative that encourages women to share their beauty experiences beyond the latest shade of lipstick.

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Here are some other important beauty lessons we picked up at this event that every woman should know.

Beauty is not just about your features

“Beauty is not just about features,” says musician and Bobbi Brown influencer, Lira. “I’ve seen women with amazing features, but if they’re not confident, their beauty doesn’t shine through. Yes it’s there, but it doesn’t carry any weight.

“Confidence is the radiant essence of a woman. You could look any kind of way, but you’ll always be the most attractive when you feel comfortable in your own skin.

“My favourite quote says, ‘I am in love with my own style, I love my own way of living and I know my own mind’.  So be the best version of yourself, accept yourself, love yourself and express yourself.”

Don’t try make yourself into something you’re not

“I was teased about having very small lips, so for a long time I tried to get makeup artists to’ fake’ my lips and make them look bigger than they are – now I don’t do that,” says Carver.

Musicians Judith Sephuma, Louise Carver and Zoe Modiga at the Bobbi Brown ‘Be Who You Are’ dinner. Image: Supplied

Indulging in ‘me time’ isn’t selfish

“Don’t think you’re being selfish for taking some time for yourself,” says Abrahams. “Being a mom and a wife, you tend to always put your family first. For me, it’s about making sure that you are happy first — a happy wife is a happy life and a groomed woman is a confident woman.”


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