Beauty Hacks With Everyday Items

Fancy brushes and beauty tools always confused me. Walking to a store with the myriad of makeup brushes around me will always drive me to walk right out. I have always kept doing my makeup relatively simple, opting for a car mirror as opposed to a fancy lighted one, and always using my finger instead of an eyeshadow brush. If you are as makeup tool challenged as I am, read on for foolproof, affordable hacks using everyday items!

5. Q Tips for Clean Eyeshadow

You know how eyeshadow is supposed to be angled in a certain way? Right, well that’s much too advanced to do without a cleanup tool. Dipping a Q Tip in makeup remover allows you the freedom to mess up and create a sharp look without advanced brushes and pencils.

4. Baby Powder for Baking

Highlighting key areas is a key technique in creating an outstanding look. Going a step above is baking, or leaving setting powder on key areas of the face. Instead of investing in an expensive setting powder, baby powder will do the trick. Just make sure to blend well!

3. Water in a Spray Bottle

The best way to set makeup is to use a setting spray. These can be costly, and even spray bottles of water are expensive. To save money and take advantage of a free resource (water, of course) – fill up a travel size spray with filtered water. Spray over completed makeup and whenever you need a refresher during the day! Pro tip: add rose water or peppermint oil for an extra refreshing spray.

2. Cut up an Old Sticky Bra

Eventually, sticky bras stop being sticky. Cut up and old one and sanitize it with rubbing alcohol, making sure to get off all the “sticky.” You can use the cut up pieces as a silicone beauty blender now!

  1. Tape for Clean Eyeliner

My favorite hack. Getting a perfect, winged eyeliner look is a true talent. To really cut the process and do it with out any technique, setting eyeliner diagonal under your eye and marking over the tape is a pro tip. Just pull off and you a clean, cat eye look!



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