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Beach Walk Ends in Tragedy After Yorkie Was Mauled

A Yorkshire terrier was assaulted and executed on a Ramsgate beach by a large and aggressive canine.

Christo de Villers of Margate said for as long as three years he has taken his four Yorkshire terriers to the tranquil beach simply off Black Rock Road where many persons take a walk with their dogs

Last Friday morning, be that as it may, a normal walk turned into a horrifying experience.

“My friend and I did as we usually do on our walks and sat on one of the benches in the shade to have some coffee and watch the whales go by. Within minutes we heard one of the dogs screaming underneath our bench. We turned around and saw this dog, I’m not sure if it was a pit bull or a Boerboel, attacking my Yorkie, Sam.

“Before I could even shout out the dog had run off with little Sam in its mouth. I ran after the dog and screamed until it dropped Sam and went back into its property.”

When he picked up his lifeless dog, he noticed a man chaining up the large dog. De Villiers approached the man and showed him what his dog had done to Sam.

“He did not even apologise, just turned and went back into the house. I stood there in shock and in fear.

“Why are people allowed to keep vicious dogs on their property? I find it very strange that the property is fenced but the dog got out,” said Mr de Villers.

He said his T-shirt was covered with blood and it feels as if his heart has been ripped out.

“I adored my little Sam.”

He has reported the incident to law enforcement and the Lower South Coast SPCA.

Ray Nkonyeni Municipality spokesperson Simon April had not responded to the South Coast Herald’s request for comment at the time of publishing.

An inspector from the SPCA has visited the house in Ramsgate, but no dogs were seen on the premises.


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