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BCM Staffs Receive R10K Bonus After Three-Week Strike

Buffalo City Municipality on Thursday, reached a conclusive a deal with the striking labourers following three weeks of the impasse.

The deal would reexamine the pay rates into the levels of other metropolitan districts across the nation.

workers left on industrial action requesting the approval of the job evaluation agreement that was reached in 2016 and the back pay. The strike drove the city on its knees as it wound up unfit to render services, for example, waste accumulation, cleaning the roads, unable to fix burst pipes coming about to human defecation and stinks in the areas where there were damaged channels.

The striking workers targeted water and electricity infrastructure and that affected the supply of water and electricity in certain areas, a claim they have been denying, blaming criminal elements.

Earlier this week, trade union, South African Municipality Workers Union demanded R100,000 once-off compensation per employee from the municipality for delaying the implementation of job evaluation agreement. This could have seen BCM spending R530-million.

After negotiations, a deal of R10,000 bonus per employee was reached.

The metro has also agreed to pay a bonus on the second salary of BCM employees. The second salary was introduced as a temporary measure before the finalisation of the job evaluation agreement.

Buffalo City Mayor Xola Pakati said the city will resume services from this weekend.

“We will work overtime to clean our industrial and residential areas across the city. Our call centre and our fault log lines will be fully operational, and we will be attending to issues of residents. We will work over the clock to ensure that a situation of this nature is avoided in future,” he said.


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