Battle Ensues At Hospital Holding ‘Sexy Boys’ Gang Leader, Jerome Booysen

A battle has obviously broken out at the healing facility where Sexy Boys pack pioneer Jerome “Donkie” Booysen, who was injured in a shooting at Cape Town International Airport on Wednesday, is conceded.

Late on Thursday, police representative Sergeant Noloyiso Rwexana said the scene was as yet dynamic and she along these lines couldn’t yet remark on what had happened.

It is comprehended a man, who a few sources with close information of the issue say was dressed as a lady, directed another man with close connections to Booysen on Thursday evening outside the healing facility. One source demanded the episode was an endeavored hit on the man connected to Booysen.

Different sources said Booysen himself was focused on.

A wig lies on the hospital floor after the alleged fight. (Supplied)


Another image shows a man sitting on a blood-smeared floor with a bloody face. A women’s pump shoe is next to him on the floor.

Controversial businessman Nafiz Modack, as well as several other men, were at the scene.

It is understood he was called for assistance by the man linked to Booysen who was one of the apparent targets of the incident.

Booysen was wounded in the Cape Town International Airport on Wednesday. A second man was also wounded in this shooting.




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