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Basic Social Media Etiquette All Users Should Be Aware Of

Once your friend request is accepted, do not do the following:

1. Send a message asking of the person’s name. To all intents and purposes, their name or whatever they want to be called is what is there at that moment.

2. Use terms of endearment such as dear, sweetheart, beautiful etc. Some people have an aversion to these terms.

3. Forget you are a stranger. Usually, strangers meet and connect via social media especially Facebook. That is not an automatic friendship visa. Take your time to know the person, you might not even like them once you really get to know who they really are.

4. Tag them in posts that do not concern them in anyway, shape or form. Simple

5. Send generic biblical quotations to them. This is a nuisance and people merely gloss over it. You may feel good for doing it but the truth is it’s usually not read, so what you’ve done doesn’t serve any purpose whatsoever.

6. Think that they are at your level simply because they accepted the request. Respect boundaries. If possible look at a person’s profile before even dropping that friend request. Look for things you may have in common. If there’s none, just move on. There’s a big community of people that will be interested in what you have to say. Find them

7. Forget to check your grammar. This is relevant for everything you do. You could lose respect from a ‘friend’.

8. Like 20 of their photos at once. It’s spooky.

9. Comment on their posts if you’re not certain about what they are talking about. Some posts are meant for a select group of people who understand its undertones . Respect that. Don’t be in a hurry to comment on something just because it seems interesting. Also, people have varied opinions, respect that.


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