Bakkie Dragged A Child Behind His Car For More Than 2km

A boy was left critically injured in Roodepoort on Thursday evening when he was dragged behind a bakkie for about 2.5km.

Paramedics were called to a filling station at the intersection of Main Reef and Roode Roads, where the bakkie had come to a stop.

Upon assessment, paramedics found the boy had sustained serious injuries to his back and buttocks.

His injuries were treated and provided with pain relief before he was taken to the Leratong Provincial Hospital.

It is believed the patient and his friends had jumped on to the back of the bakkie at an intersection.

The driver was completely unaware of children sneaking out of his vehicle. After travelling a few distance, the boy tried to jump off the vehicle, but his foot got caught in the cargo netting. The driver was informed about the boy being dragged behind his vehicle by another motorist.

The Police will be investigating this incident further.


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