Ayanda Ncwane Lost Her Wedding Ring While Swimming

The widow of legendary gospel artist Sfiso Ncwane recently posted that she lost something dear to her, but she doesn’t seem too stressed about it wedding ring while swimming.

She shared a picture of herself without her wedding ring on her finger and captioned it: “Lost my wedding ring ??, while I was swimming, so babNcwane’s fans are going to kill me because I’m their wife now.”

Although the ring holds sentimental value she did not seem too sad about it – even going as far as jokingly asking Sfiso Ncwane fans to get her another ring.

“So…. Ncwane’s supporters, do the things. Not something over the top…. just a smallernyana diamond,” she wrote.

Last year Ayanda received backlash after she was accused of giving her deceased husband’s clothes to Abathandwa lead singer Percy Nyoka.

She denied these and more rumours about her having moved on from her deceased husband already.

In a recent interview, Ayanda said that she is not ready to start dating again just yet.

“I’m still learning to live without my husband, and dating is the last thing on my mind.”

But this hasn’t kept suitors at bay. Ayanda said men hit on her while she was on the mourning mattress.

“When Sfiso passed I was getting calls from men wanting to take me out, even after his burial. I don’t take them seriously. Anyway, I know Sfiso wouldn’t want me to date at all – he was super jealous,” she says with a laugh.

“I just wonder if the next man will be strong enough to be with a woman who will forever be labelled Sfiso Ncwane’s wife,” she added.


Written by How South Africa

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