Ayanda Borotho: Uphold Your Culture, Speak Vernacular Languages

Actress Ayanda Borotho explains why she decided not to speak English at home anymore. She claims that “black people have a false sense of identity in this new democracy” and need to return to speaking vernacular languages.

TshisaLive reported that the star recently teamed up with Pan South African Language Board to give away dictionaries and learning material in local languages to schools across the country.

She said she was approached by the organisation after they saw her fight for indigenous languages.

Ayanda and the organisation have initiatives set up to address issues such as accessibility of books in different languages.

Ayanda has been fighting to preserve local languages for a long time now. Her aim is to keep English from “eroding” African culture.

She said she has always spoken to her children in their mother-tongue.

It was never a decision for me. It’s nothing I had to battle with. It is who I am. This is how I grew up, I’m merely extending myself as I am to my children.

Ayanda said she believed that black people have a false sense of identity and they should look within them to find their true identity.

She said the real struggle is out in society where black people are raising children who are going to have a serious identity crisis and the blame will be on this generation for robbing them of it.

She claims she is doing nothing different from what other people do, like the French, Portuguese, and even Afrikaners. They have their own schools to promote their own language and way of thinking.

Ayanda questioned why people were angered about a Zulu mother and Sotho father speaking their language to their children in public, where English is seem as the obvious language.

She added that the criticism was unwarranted and sad because it reveals the level of mental bondage South Africans are in.

Something as simple as our mother tongue is up for public debate in our country. If we wipe out our languages we will wipe out our entire existence. It’s that simple.

She does not allow anyone in her household to speak anything other than Sotho or Zulu.


Written by How South Africa

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