Awesome Sea Creatures You Need To Know

Here are some of the most beautiful sea creatures.

Benthic Ctenophores

Benthic Ctenophores, or “comb jellies,” are transparent invertebrates that use their cilia to swim throughout the water. They crawl around the floor with their mouth down looking for something to feast on.

Helmet Jellyfish

The Helmet Jellyfish does not have the normal stinging tentacles like other jellyfish of the world. Instead, they use stiff tentacles that are held in front of them as they swim. They capture small fish with these, swinging them into their mouth to feast.

Ramisyllis Multicaudata

Ramisyllis Multicaudata is a type of oceanic-based worm that has one of the strangest bodies in the ocean. They generally have a limitless number of bodies flailing off one another, resembling hairy roots.

Stalked Jellyfish

The Stalked Jellyfish is more like coral than an actual jellyfish. This little beast is stalk-shaped, flexible, and uses a powerful sucker-like mouth to attack prey.


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