Authors Renounce Stellenbosch University Study On Coloured Women’s ‘Low Thinking Function’

The publishers and the authors of a study on the thinking ability of coloured women on Thursday has row back controversial article.

The Stellenbosch University study found that the women presented with “low cognitive function and which is significantly influenced by education”.

The highly-criticised study, titled “Age- and education-related effects on cognitive functioning in coloured South African women” was widely labelled racist and offensive since it was circulated on social media over the Easter weekend.

On Thursday, the editors and publishers of Aging, Neuropsychology and Cognition issued a statement retracting the article.

“While this article was peer-reviewed and accepted according to the journal’s policy, it has subsequently been determined that serious flaws exist in the methodology and reporting of the original study. In summary the article contains a number of assertions about ‘colored’ [sic] South African women based on the data presented that cannot be supported by the study or the subsequent interpretation of its outcome. Specific data that would be relevant to these assertions was not collected. In addition, the references provided are not supportive of the claims that are made about the participants in the study or about South African women more generally.


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