Assault Charges Against Idols SA Runner-Up Mthokozisi Ndaba Withdrawn


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Assault charges against Idols SA runner-up Mthokozisi Ndaba were on Monday morning withdrawn at the Hillbrow Magistrates Court.

Mthokozisi appeared in court after being arrested by police on Thursday night.

Dressed in a maroon suit‚ Mthokozisi sat in silence in the court room where he was supported by friends.

Mthokozisi has hogged headlines after a 24-year-old woman accused him of assaulting her in a Braamfontein flat two weeks ago.

Shortly after the accusations emerged‚ Mthokozisi issued a statement saying the law should takes its course.

“In as much as this has affected me‚ the craft God blessed me with‚ my family‚ friends and fans negatively; let us please let our SA law handle the matter rightfully.”

He went on to urge SA to “continue taking a stand against violence on women and children“.

During an interview on East Coast Radio‚ the woman urged Mthokozisi to tell the “truth” about what happened that night.

Mthokozisi‚ who lost out on the Idols title earlier this month‚ went underground after the loss after it was confirmed he had to “receive assistance” to deal with the emotions that came with loosing.

He also declined to all media interviews after the finale.


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