Here Is Why Art Ownership Is A Privilege For Every South African

Art ownership was once considered expensive, exclusive and pretentious but not anymore! A new art initiative is making it inclusive and accessible to all.

The Naked Art is a project is a new initiative created to connect local, up-and-coming artists with first-time art buyers. The project has partnered with the Youngblood Gallery to create a platform for ‘unknown artists’ to sell their work for a reasonable price to the general public.

Art is often perceived as expensive, exclusive and pretentious, but it need not be. Art can, and should, be fun and accessible. We believe that the more people talk about cultural expression, the broader the avenues of communication within which to cultivate social empathy.

Cape Town is filled with talented artists all seeking out their big break. The Naked Art project hopes to give the artists a leg up in the industry and open the publics eyes to what art is out in the city.

The project has no restrictions on what art medium is used, what age the artist is or what artistic focus they explore.

NAKED ART is looking to connect artists of any age and any medium – sketches, paintings, sculptures, photography – with aspiring art buyers looking to make their first foray into the world of art ownership.

The exhibition will see all proceeds of the sales going directly to the artist. The applications for the exhibition will open on the 23rd of October. An auction will be held on Wednesday 6 December, followed by the opening of the exhibition on Thursday 7 December at the Youngblood Gallery in Cape Town.


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