Armed Robbers Hit Local Superette Again In Isipingo

Armed Robbers Hit Local Superette

The Alpha Alarms Response Unit responded swiftly to the scene of an armed robbery at a local superette in the Isipingo CBD, this afternoon.

Armed robbers hit local superette again in Isipingo. Photo: Alpha Alarms

Three suspects are alleged to have held up the owners, staff and patrons and fled on foot with an undisclosed amount of cash.

The Alpha control room received an emergency signal from the shop. The Alpha Response member was immediately dispatched to the scene and called for back up when he spotted three males fleeing from the shop.

The suspects headed towards the train station with the Alpha officer in pursuit them.

According to the Alpha member, as he was chasing the suspects, a taxi driver opted to block his path enabling the suspects to escape.

Alpha Response Units, together with armed police personnel, searched the area for any signs of the suspects but no arrests were made.

SAPS members were on scene for further investigation.

The shop has been hit previously by three armed suspects.


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