Antonio Banderas In South Africa, Plans To Help HIV Victims

Spanish actor and Hollywood star Antonio Banderas who is in South Africa to launch his perfume range couldn’t resist the opportunity to do a little charity in the country.

he hunky actor aims to help make a difference and better the lives of people suffering with HIV by visiting Nkosi’s Haven. Notably, Nkosi’s Haven is a non-profit organisation that helps care for the less privileged HIV infected mothers. They also extend this helping hand to their children which is the aspect Banderas is most interested in.

Banderas who flew in on Sunday spoke passionately about how the highlight of his career has been the opportunities he gets to do charity work. He empasised that he’s especially interested in charities that focus on children. “Anything that has to do with kids… on the verge of injustice.

There are many people in the world, especially kids, who live on the frontier of [injustice]. If you can put a little of yourself in there to help that is important,” he said. He reflected on being part of a mission to help children in Somalia in 1994, which he said taught him valuable lessons. “I realised that the kids I saw in Somalia that we were helping and nourishing. They didn’t ask me why I was helping.

They weren’t interested in why. All that mattered was they were there,” he said. Responding to the love extended to the organisation, founder and director of Nkosi’s Haven Gail Johnson, expressed her gratitude. She said that though it costs the organisation about R480,000 a month to support women and children suffering from the disease, they only depend on donations from individuals since the government fund them.

“It’s manna from heaven Antonio, because we don’t get government funding either, so we exist on donations. So when someone like yourself, who not only acknowledges women but acknowledge our existence that we are trying to make ends meet and trying to give kids a future…it’s really wonderful and I can’t thank you enough,” she said.

While he’s in SA, Antonio Banderas will also introduce his fragrance collection, Secret Temptation: The Secret (for men) and Her Secret (for women) to local fans. In addition, he will be exhibiting his photography skills through an exhibition called, Women In Gold.


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