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Another Black Man Down! Watch As Sebastian Brown Was Tasered 7 Times Before Being Choked To Death By A Cop

Police Taser


This is just getting so normal it hurts to believe it’s now expected. Police kills black man is a repeated headline again and again and again and again!

In this case the dead black man actually approached the police for help and yet he ended up dead!


Tashii Sebastian Farmer Brown approached Officer Kenneth Lopera and his partner in the Venetian Hotel coffee shop at around 12:50 a.m. asking for help and instead ended up dead.

The 40-year old Black told them that he was being followed. Reportedly, Brown appeared panicky, sweaty, confused, and disoriented. He then ran at half-speed through an employee-only area out to the parking lot. The unarmed man then tried to open the tailgate of an occupied white pickup truck. That’s when things took an ugly turn.

Lopera caught up with Brown, ordered him to lay down on the ground and roll over onto his stomach. Despite agreeing to comply, the 31-year old officer hit Brown with his taser seven times, punched him in the head and neck, and then put him in a “rear naked choke” for over a minute. By 1:39 a.m., Brown was declared dead at a nearby trauma center.

The disturbing footage can be seen below:

Following their usual protocol, the Las Vegas Police Department has started circling the wagons with lies and justification. At first they denied Lopera used the choke hold, then they said Brown was attempting a carjacking, and then, of course, Brown was resisting arrest. And because Brown has a record, get ready for the smear campaign even though they admit that he was guilty of no crime at his time of death.


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