ANC Legislatures Walked Out Of Meeting On The Province School Education – DA

The Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape on Wednesday said it was disappointed by African National Congress’ members of the provincial legislature who walked out of a public meeting on the province’s School Education Amendment Bill.

The amendment under discussion was around the sale of alcohol at school functions, which the DA believes would help raise valuable funds for those institutions. Opposition parties in the province, the ANC and the ACDP have been highly critical of the document, however, arguing that allowing the sale of alcohol at functions will turn schools into shebeens.

“When members of the ANC were once again informed that [Tuesday’s] meeting was open for the public to observe, but not to provide further submissions, the ANC in the Western Cape opted to ‘walk-out’ on the committee and in doing so, decided to not use their opportunity to pose further questions on the nature of the bill to the minister,” DA Western Cape acting spokesperson on education Lorraine Botha said, referring to the provinces’s member of the executive committee for education Debbie Schafer.

“In walking out, the ANC in the Western Cape denied the people who they claim to represent, the opportunity on further questions regarding the bill. This is just another clear indication of them serving their self-interest. The very same organisations and communities that they claim to represent, remained seated throughout the committee meeting to hear the input of the minister.”

The DA believes that the bill would help to ensure “quality education for every child, in every classroom, in every school” in the Western Cape.

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