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ANC is Worse Off with Cyril Ramaphosa, Former South African President Motlanthe Says

Former president of South Africa, Kgalema Motlanthe, recently opened up about his opinions on the current ANC party.


Motlanthe told the Sunday Times that he believes the current ruling party are worse off with Cyril Ramaphosa at the helm.

“I think to strengthen the ANC it needs a surgical overhaul from where it is now. It is worse than it was in 2017,” the former president explained.

Motlanthe went on to share that he believes the ANC’s line-up of MP’s is “weak”.

According to Business Tech, Motlanthe’s opinion is that, in order to improve, the ANC needs to be open to people from “all walks of life”.

SA’s ex-president also admitted that he doesn’t think that Ramaphosa can help the ANC get out of this bad rut.

Motlanthe served as South Africa’s president for a brief interim period in 2008.

Although Motlanthe seems to be very clear on his opinion of Ramaphosa’s ANC, that Ramaphosa has actually managed to win back many voters who were lost due to previous leader, Jacob Zuma’s, numerous scandals.

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