ANC Can No Longer Make Laws- Jacob Zuma

President Jacob Zuma has denounced the ANC’s loss of its 66% larger part in parliament, saying this was the reason the gathering couldn’t move in declaring laws that would influence the lives of dark individuals to better

Speaking at eZakheni township outside Ladysmith during the ANC Youth League’s 73rd birthday celebrations, a bullish Zuma reiterated that political power was not enough and would not sustain the ANC.

“With the majority we have right now we cannot make or change certain laws. To do that you need a two-thirds majority, something we no longer have,” said Zuma.

“We have decreased the two-thirds majority hegemony we once wielded in 1994 … we only have political power but we want economic power.”

The ANC ought to rise up out of the gathering smooth and sparkling like a snake subsequent to shedding its skin. It shouldn’t turn out with mavericks and oskhwini phambana [square pegs in a round hole].

He said that, with the majority the ANC currently holds, every law it tried to create was scrutinised and often taken to court.

“We have vast tracts of land that the government cannot expropriate because we do not even know who the owner of that land is. Maybe he does not even live in South Africa,” he said.

Zuma, who arrived before 3pm after his flight from the Congo, urged the ANCYL to emulate the youth of 1944, which comprised the likes of Nelson Mandela, Oliver Tambo and Walter Sisulu.

On leadership issues, Zuma slammed the scramble for positions. If he had his way, the ANC would discuss leadership last and occupy itself with policies and programmes of the party, he said.

“For you, as youngsters, it’s OK to be radical, be activist and to be condemned. We used to be all similar to that.”


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