Amor Vittone On Her Family And Career

Amor Vittone spoke to radio host Eddie Dippenaar about being a mom, her role on 7de Laan and her recording career.

The local Afrikaans singer explained how her first priority is being a mother.

“Like everyone else, I’m a woman who runs around everywhere with my children’s extra mural activities.”

She has two children, Kylie who is 10 and Jordan 13. The children are in different schools that are far apart, making her plan her day in order to be there for both. She mentions that it is not easy.

“If I have to record the whole day then I try and delegate. And I think it’s very hard for women to do it, because we feel like we have to do it and carry all the responsibility ourselves. Sometimes you just have to say: ‘I can’t do everything.”

Her family and friends support her too.

Amor joined 7de Laan last year as Zelda, and never expected to be asked to come back after her exit.

About her single Sprei my vlerke (Spread my wings) she says: “I wrote the song two years ago. It was a very difficult time, Joost was very sick.

“It was difficult to communicate with him and difficult for the children to communicate with their father. And there was a lot of pressure on me. I had to spread my wings, I was in a bad and dark place in my life.”

The song is very personal to her and during that time, she was in a very negative space, and felt like she was living in a dream.

Amor encourages people not to let social media define them.

“People are rude on social media to make them feel better about themselves. Don’t let other people’s opinions form your identity.”


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