Amir Khan Sends Message After Receiving Death Threats On Social Media


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After polarising the nation during his stint on I’m A Celebrity, Amir Khan is still the topic on many a lip as he returns to reality.

Now, after a controversial week, the champion boxer has posted a rather cryptic tweet about words and actions.

Taking to Instagram on Thursday night, the 31-year-old said: ‘Actions prove who someone is, words just prove who they want to be.’

Accompanying was a shot of him on the red carpet, with really has nothing to do with the message akin to a school gym motivational poster.

Deep, Amir.

But what does it all mean?

Some followers weren’t buying the show of motivation, reminding him of his time in the jungle – for instance, #strawberrygate.

‘Obviously your actions in the jungle eating those strawberries, show you are an inconsiderate, greedy and definitely not a team player,’ said one.

However, others, recognising the week he’s had, stood up for the reality star.

‘Can people just give this guy a break?’ one clapped back.

Amir’s post comes the same week he received death threats for putting up a Christmas tree for his three-year-old daughter, Lamaisah, sharing images of a sparkling tree with decorations on social media.

Done in the dead of night for his daughter to wake up to, it was a sweet fatherly gesture – that angered many.

Amir, who follows the Muslim faith, caused an uproar on social media from those who believed he shouldn’t be celebrating the traditionally Christian holiday.

‘I promise to god I want to kill you and your family amir,’ read one threatening tweet, which has since been deleted.

Another now-deleted tweet read: ‘Muslim’s don’t celebrate Christmas. It’s one thing to give out cards at school your respecting other faith and their celebration but putting up a tree in your own home… poor kid will be well confused.

Many came to his defence though, with one commenting: ‘Christmas trees are a British cultural festival thing not a Christian religious thing. He can celebrate British culture.’

And because three’s a charm, former fellow-IAC campmate Iain Lee addressed his alleged bullying by Amir tleling the Loose Women panel yesterday that he was ‘disappointed’.

He played down suggestions that he had been bullied by the others, but admitted that Amir’s reaction had bothered him given that he had forged a close relationship with the boxer.

He said: ‘We were talking about going to Pakistan and stuff together and do all of this. Then I kind of saw some stuff afterwards where he was actually lying about me, so I was disappointed by that.

‘But I’ve got no beef with any of them.’


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