Amazing! South Africans Break Two World Records Rowing From California to Hawaii


Riaan Manser is a pretty legendary adventurer. Obviously if you like to do things that make the rest of us go “woah”, you’re going to spend your honeymoon doing something that make the rest of us go “woah”.

Manser and his wife, Vasti Geldenhuys, spent their honeymoon on a Pacific journey. They rowed from California to Hawaii and as if that isn’t enough, they broke two world records in the process.

It wasn’t easy, though. Riaan explained in an interview with “The Good Stuff” show on CliffCentral:

“It’s been difficult. We thought we knew what we were doing and when we capsized in the middle of the night I cut my head open, suffered a gash and had to be stitched.

“Compared to our other journeys, if you ask me which is more scary, it is this one. It is crazy, the waves are even lifting the boat, it’s rough and scary.”

Still, what’s a little gash for an adventurer, right?

The couple became the first South Africans to complete the journey and broke the previous record of 45 days, three hours and 43 minutes by six days! The Saffas completed the journey in just 39 days.

This couple has gone on all sorts of mad adventures together. In 2013, they rowed to New York. Manser, meanwhile, was the first person to circumnavigate the coast of Africa by bicycle, a distance of 37 000km, through 34 countries. It took him over two years to complete the journey. He was also the first person to kayak 5 000km around Madagascar alone.


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