Amazing! These Nurses Used Stethoscopes in their Pre-wedding Photos and it’s Just Awesome!


They were feeling each other’s pulse because lovers know how to care of each other, especially if they are nurses!

Nurses, Chelsea Tanner and Richard Harkleroad, just shot some really lovely pre-wedding photos, using their mutual profession as inspiration.

The Tennessee couple who are both care-providers in the ICU, work for separate hospitals, but obviously love each other in the same way as they love their jobs

Love is indeed beautiful (Good Focus Photography)

In their photos shot at the Knoxville Botanical Gardens in September, they added a personal touch by featuring their stethoscopes as a major theme in the pictures.

Does your heart really race when you kiss me? (Good Focus Photography)

They saw it as a way to show how their love for their profession has united them, and how they intend to look after each other’s hearts.

Just because their love for the profession has brought them together. (Good Focus Photography)

 “We are both very passionate about what we do,” Tanner said in an interview with The Huffington Post.

“It is especially important to us as we were in nursing school at the same time and were able to help support each other and grow together as a couple and future nurses.”

Walking together into a beautiful future. (Good Focus Photography)

The couple met in 2010 and “immediately clicked together,”leading to their continued romance and now, impending wedding.

We expect that the pulse of this intended marriage remains stable for life. Simply because nurses know how to care best!


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